Exploring issues of identity, the subconscious and passage of time my work seeks to examine different states of ‘being’ & ‘feeling’ through colour and repetative mark making.

With a background in fine art, textiles and costume my pratice began in creating large scale installations often involving garments alongside photography, film, embroidery and painting.

During 2015 - 2023 I worked full time on the Red Dress project, with my personal practice put on hold. Now, as the garment embarks on a musuem tour around the world for many years, I am once again reconnecting with my own expression.

My current work centers around drawing, painting and embroidery, influenced by the act of stitching itself, world embroidery traditions, ancient symbolism, meditation, and theories on colour.

I have been lucky enough to show work in galleries and musems around the world, with many pieces held in notable private and commercial collections, and have recently been elected as an Ambassador for the Textile Society for “...sustained commitment to The Red Dress as a global community project, the outcome of which has become an icon of contemporary world textiles”.

Please contact kirstie@kirstiemacleod.co.uk for information.